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So... I'm sorry I haven't been posting any literature lately. A.D.D. is a beachball.
What I'd like to write, on the other hand, has been going through my mind a lot lately. Here are some examples:

The Days of Noah
It's been a while since I've worked on this one. In short, it was turning into a mess, so I'm starting over. (just like with the Flood! XD) I'd like to give Noah and Naamah more chemistry and make the allegory of the story understandable but a tad less over-the-top; more like Avatar and less like Sausage Party, if that makes any sense.
Also, I made a storyboard for a fake trailer for this as an assignment for my Pre-Production class, so I'll probably put it up on DeviantArt. Maybe I'll even post some prequels! Who knows?

The Lost Park: Jurassic World
As most of you know; Universal, Amblin, and Legendary are making a Jurassic World 2/Jurassic Park 5! (jumps around and shouts like Dusty from "Twister") So naturally, Chapter 22 of my fanfic hints that my next Jurassic Park-related story is going to have Sam (and perhaps Tanya) involved. I don't know exactly what is going to happen in JP5, so odds are, Chapter 22 is going to change some.

Pokemon GO
S1E3 will introduce another journey buddy for Luna, one that Tony takes a liking to. I plan on there being three seasons (Luna going on a journey and entering a league), three "movies" (Luna and co. encountering a legendary Pokemon) and three Raichu shorts (Raichu and co. do something adorable/awesome).

Overlooked Characters
Some short stories about people in the Bible who don't get much attention. Nimrod, Barabbas, whoever that woman was that subdued Abimelech and basically saved Thebez, etc. Like everybody else who has and ever will exist, famous or not; God created and loves them and they had a part in making God's plan for Salvation possible.

Befriending a Dragon
Somebody in the comment section suggested making a part two. Hmm...

A new story I'm working on. The idea is that, some time in the future, an alien empire invades and annexes Earth. The story focuses on an eighteen-year-old kid who is taken in this event and sold into slavery. At the first part of the story, he's quiet and very submissive. Seven or so years later, though, we see he's turned into a bold and rather aggressive warlord, bound and determined to recover an artifact that could determine the fate of the empire and all in it. Some other humans seem to have gotten used to the shift in leadership after a while, so what happened to cause him to turn like this?

Questions? Comments? Recommendations? Let me know in the comment section.
Thank you for reading and watching. You're all awesome. God bless.
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